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RegularHost is a leader in online privacy rights. We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to you, our customer, through transparent, easy-to-understand information regarding our data practices. You will understand what we collect, why we collect it and what we do with it. This policy applies to all RegularHost brands, websites, apps, products, services or technologies (we will collectively refer to these as "Services"). Additional privacy practices for certain Services can be found in Details for Specific Products and Services.

Information Collection: Account Level

At an Account Level, we collect and use information necessary to enable you to purchase and manage Services, provide you with support for those Services and to curate your experience with us. Some information is collected and used based on contractual consent and other is based on informed consent, which may be changed at any time.

Basic Account Information

Information Collected. Our site uses forms in which you give us contact information (such as your name, address, phone number, fax number, billing information, IP address and email address) so you can create an account, place orders, register domains, request information, and request support help. As you use your account, we may also collect support requests and other related types of information that is specific to the management of your account and Services with us.

How We Use This Information.

Sending Emails. Legally Required. As noted above, we use emails to communicate with you, to confirm your placed orders, to send information that you have requested and to serve legally or contractually required communications. Legally required emails cover ICANN mandated verification emails, renewal notices and any other policy or procedure created by ICANN which governs the purchase of domains. Additionally, we may be required by law to serve notices to you such as DMCA Takedown Notices, UDRP notices, etc. Or, we may deem a change to one of our policies to be material and, therefore, determine a duty (though not a legal requirement) to inform you of this change. These types of communications do not fall under any of our opt-out procedures.
Sending Emails: Service Communications & Promotional Communications. We also may use this information when it is important for us to contact you regarding functionality changes to Services you have purchased and/or our website and provide customer service (Service Communications) By creating an account with us and/or purchasing our Services, you agree to receive these types of communication and acknowledge that they are not optional. We also use this information to share details about new services and special offers we think you'll find valuable (Promotional Communications) You are able to opt-out of receiving Promotional Communications (or opt-into, depending on your country of residence) through preferences in your account panel or the unsubscribe instructions contained in the email communication.

Retention & Deletion of Account Information.

Personal Information Following Termination of Account. When your RegularHost account is cancelled (either voluntarily or involuntarily) all of your personally identifiable information is placed in "deactivated" status within our corresponding databases. However, you should know that deactivation of your account does not mean your personally identifiable information has been deleted from our database entirely. We will retain and use your personally identifiable information, if necessary, in order to resolve disputes, enforce our agreements and/or as required by laws or regulations. Thus, it may not be immediately deleted upon request and is an approved exception to GDPR and CCPA deletion rights. By creating an account with us, using our support services and/or purchasing Services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms of retention. Information on how to close your account can be found here.

Data Request Policy

1) Privacy Policy

Please see our Privacy Policy for further information on what type of information we collect, how it is used and when it may be disclosed. Subject to our Privacy Policy, this Data Request Policy describes the types of requests for data that we may receive and how we may respond to such requests.

2) Types of Requests

We receive the following types of requests concerning customer data:
1. Data Requests
A data request is a request for information or documents relating to customer accounts in connection with official criminal investigations or other official legal proceedings. Except in limited emergency situations (see below), we require data requests to be made through formal Pakistani legal process and procedures, and we respond to such requests as required by law. Examples of data requests include:

☆ Court Orders
☆ Search Warrants
☆ FIA requests
☆ Other forms of legal process
☆ Legal process received from outside

2. Preservation Requests
A preservation request asks RegularHost to preserve customer account records in connection with official criminal investigations or other official legal proceedings. Preservation requests must include the following information:
☆ Identification of the account(s) at issue (as further described in Section 4 below);
☆ Identification of the investigating agency and/or specific pending official proceedings (requests must be signed on law enforcement letterhead );
☆ Assurances that the requesting agency or individual is taking steps to obtain appropriate legal process for access to the data that we are being asked to retain; and
☆ A valid return email address and phone number.

3. Emergency Requests
An emergency request is only appropriate in cases involving imminent serious bodily harm, death or terrorism. We respond to emergency requests when we believe in good faith that such harm may occur if we do not respond without delay.

3) Information to Include in a Request

1. The following information must be included in a request for customer data:- First and last name of the customer and email address associated with the account;
and Domain name and/or IP address associated with the account.We may not be able to respond to a request without this information.Additionally, we reserve the right to request a copy of the complaint and any supporting documentation that demonstrates how the information requested is related to the pending litigation and the underlying subpoena.
2. Fees We may seek reimbursement for costs in responding to requests as provided by law and may charge additional fees for costs in responding to unusual or burdensome requests.

4) Submitting a Request

All requests should be mailed or emailed to the following:
Regular Host Limited 61 Bridge Street, Kington HR5 3DJ, United Kingdom
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +447360505490 (No Tech)


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