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Here's how to migrate a full backup of a single cPanel account (home directory, databases, and mail), Full Account backup cpanel to cpanel like full account snapshot and also to a Managed VPS/Dedicated server using cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM).

Free migrate your website using cPanel account to cPanel & another other server to RegularHost Server.

There are two main steps, which we'll explain in more detail below:

  First we'll create a backup file from the source cPanel account and download it to your PC.
  Then we'll use WHM to import the backup file to your server.

Note:  If you need to migrate multiple cPanel accounts to your server, we recommend using the WHM Transfer Tool To use the Transfer Tool you need SSH and root (su or sudo) access.

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Create and download the backup file

Log into the cPanel account you want to migrate and go to the cPanel home page.

1. If your account is with us, go to your GoDaddy product page, and under Web Hosting, next to the Linux Hosting account you want to use, click Manage. Then in the account Dashboard, click cPanel Admin.

2. In the cPanel Home page, in the Files section, click Backup.

3. In the Backup page, below Full Backup, click Download a Full Account Backup.

4. Below Generate a Full Backup, select Do not send email notification of backup completion, and then click Generate Backup. cPanel starts creating the backup file.

5. Click Go Back, and below Backups Available for Download, click the file with the most recent date (the file you just created) to download it to your PC.

Note:  If the most recent backup file is "[inprogress]", refresh the screen. cPanel might take some time creating the backup file if you have a large site.

Upload the backup and finish migrating the site

1. Open WebHost Manager (WHM). Log in with your server password, but use root as your username.

2. In the Search box on the WHM home page, type "cpmove".

3. Select Restore a Full Backup/cpmove File, and below Settings, select Restore with File.

4. Below File to Restore With, click Choose File, browse to the backup file you downloaded earlier, and double-click the file.

5. Click Restore. WHM uploads the backup file to the server and finishes migrating the site.

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